Created & Handcrafted by RV74

Created & Handcrafted by RV74

Finesse Primitive is a celebration of handcrafted beauty.
A journey that narrates the transformation process of ancient hemps bathed in botanical dyes,
turned into laborious cushions and embroidered murals.
A unique series that tells a story, that of its creators.

Natural dyes, traditional embroideries and the mastery of a group of artisans
has acquired for years are in charge of elevating these pieces to objects of desire.
A game of contrasts where the delicacy of the rude is revealed
and the irregularity of manual labor becomes art.


"Nature is the thread of the collection, its colors,
their shapes and their aromas.
We have embodied all of this in each creation."

Fabiola Caicoya

We travel through old Europe to find fabrics with soul, imperfect and torn that tell their story. Experiences materialized in spots and imperfections, some visible and others invisible to our eyes.

Inspired by patterns from ancient China and Egypt, nature has directed the color throughout the collection. The purest colors come from dyeing materials such as oak galls, onion, logwood...

Mouliné and cotton threads, thick linen yarns, draw unique embroideries on each piece, forming abstract puzzles with chain, basting or scapular stitches.

"A natural, slow, very rich process
and absolutely artisan."

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